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Meet the Chef

Meet the Chef

Executive Chef Johnny De Vivo

Porter’s is a fun fine-dining experience with Johnny De Vivo, formerly the executive chef at Casanova and La Bicyclette in Carmel. De Vivo leads  a beautifully renovated restaurant that includes a panoramic view of the golf course, a reimagined menu, unique wine and drink lists, outdoor dining, fire pits and a new snack shack.

“We want to take ordinary golf food and spin it upside down,” said De Vivo, the new executive chef and food and beverage director. “We want to make what golfers like to eat, with a twist. Everything will be made with love.”

De Vivo brings an impressive culinary background to Poppy Hills, previously running the beloved La Bicyclette and Casanova, known as the “Most Romantic Restaurant in Carmel.” De Vivo got started working at his family’s restaurant Scaldoni’s in St. George, Utah, where he was also the private chef for Julius “Dr. J” Erving.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” said De Vivo. “I’m ready for the challenge to create something new, farm-to-table. It’s going to be street-style food, but contemporary with reason and thought behind every dish. Casanova and La Bicyclette already had phenomenal names. To come in and create something on my own is very exciting.”

Poppy Hills will also have the capacity to host weddings and receptions as large as 140 guests, thanks to a beautiful lawn that was built inside the forest next to the 18th hole.

“We want the residents of Pebble Beach to feel like this is their restaurant,” said Brad Shupe, general manager at Poppy Hills. “This is like their club in the forest.”

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