About Porter’s Grill & Pub

Poppy Hills Golf Course in Pebble Beach has created a completely different golf course dining experience by transforming its old clubhouse café into a beautifully renovated restaurant called Porter’s Grill & Pub. The restaurant includes a panoramic view of the Del Monte Forest, a re-imagined, farm-to-table menu, unique wine and cocktail lists, comfortable leather chairs, outdoor dining and fire pits. Porter’s Grill & Pub is a place where discriminating diners (golfers and non-golfers, locals and tourists) expect something deliciously different.

Meet the Chef

Executive Chef Jaime Santiago

Porter’s is a casual dining experience elevated by Chef Jaime Santiago’s passion for taking dishes and making them uniquely his own. Formerly the Sous chef at Porter’s Grill & Pub, working under Chef Johnny De Vivo, and Banquet Chef at Casanova in Carmel, Santiago heads a recently renovated dining room with 180 degree panoramic vistas of famed Poppy Hills Golf Course & Del Monte Forest, beautiful outdoor dining area with fire pits and glass enclosures, redesigned menu’s, and the best golf course snack bar in the industry.

“We want to make every dish with the passion we have for raising the culinary bar,” said Santago, the new executive chef. “From golfers’ favorites like our Poppy Burger to the local dinner guests selections like our Seafood Fettuccini, everything we do is uniquely made with care to excite the palate.”

Chef Santiago comes from a background in fine dining, working with some of the best local chefs where he learned French & Italian cuisine. His passion for rustic, flavorful dishes was forged while leading the banquet team in Carmel at Casanova. Santiago’s skill at banquets highlights Porter’s Grill & Pub catering and banquet offerings, making Porter’s one of the best event locations in the Monterey Bay area.

“We want everything we do to elevate the dining experience” Said Santiago. “This is a unique location in the Del Monte Forest, where our focus is giving every guest a lasting memory, making them feel as if they are in the comfort of their own home and a part of the Porter’s family.”

“We want the residents of Pebble Beach to feel like this is their restaurant,” said Brad Shupe, former general manager at Poppy Hills. “This is like their club in the forest.”